Fire Safety Training Program


Fire Extinguisher Operation & Evacuation Drill

The Training contains following topics.

What is Fire, ClassesofFire,Blaze timeofFire, TypeofFireextinguishers, Advantages&Disadvantages,Maintaining PresentFirst Aidappliances, How touse First Aidappliances,Safety precautions,Safe Evacuation, ERT duty & many more……….

Weshall use your existing equipment forthedrill,ifwishwe will bring ourownappliances. Rates tomake drillwithourappliances are negotiated.


Awareness Programmed on Fire safety


Flow of theEvent


  • Coordinator will communicate about the program to the Employee

 Onthe Event day 

  • Program Time – 1 hours of assemblySpecify Time

 ØTarget: maximum noof participants

 ØBackdrop is set on the stageinthe background

  • The coordinator to give a brief to the aparticipant about the program and handover the mike to Trainer
  • Trainer to take over andstarts interacting with them about Fire & Safety
  • Trainer to ask some questions on Fire & Safetyto Participants
  • Trainer will start chatting and will discuss some of the Fire disasters which have happened and will also talkabout the measure & precautions thatshouldbe taken to prevent it.In between they will ask questions to theparticipants as well

  •         Trainer will talkabout the following
  1.       Fire Disasters
  2.       Evacuation
  3.       Some of the common things whichcatch fire quicklyand where there are risks involved
  4.       Will talk about the following


  • Definition &ChemistryofFire
  • Classes of Fire
  • Blaze Stage of Fire
  • Type of Fire extinguishers & the applicable class ofFire §Advantages & Disadvantages of Fire Extinguishers
  • Early warningAlarm systems & Response

Note: At this pointwill also talkabout if they notice the guiding lights, smoke detectors and the Exit gates whenever theygo into public places.

Weather they have noticedSprinklers & Fire detectors in the buildings


  •    He will also ask that howmany people knowabout the fire escape plan in their Premises and inform what was the precaution         taken by the mgmt forFire & safety
  •    He will then introduce Fire Extinguishing products like different typeof extinguishers plus some local methods of extinguishing       fire like Branches, water, mudpot etc.
  •    He will then inform that at what kind of fire–what kind ofextinguishershouldbe used.Hewill then ignite fire and will show how to     extinguish it.He will call Participants to conduct it.


Note: For training we required one bottle of ABC type fire extinguisher & one bottle of Co2 type fire extinguisher. If we have to provide these bottles than its charge will be extra.


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