Fire Safety Training Program


Fire Extinguisher Operation & Evacuation Drill

The Training contains following topics.

What is Fire, classes of fire, Blaze timeofFire, TypeofFireextinguishers, Advantages&Disadvantages, Maintaining PresentFirst Aid appliances, How to use First Aid appliances, Safety precautions, Safe Evacuation, ERT duty & many more……….

We shall use your existing equipment for the drill, I wish we will bring our own appliances. Rates to make drillwithourappliances are negotiated.

Awareness Programmed on Fire safety

The flow of the event

  • A coordinator will communicate about the program to the Employee

 On the Event day 

  • Program Time – 1 hours of assemblySpecify Time

 Target: maximum no of participants

 A backdrop is set on the stage in the background

  • The coordinator to give a brief to the participants about the program and hand over the mike to Trainer
  • Trainer to take over and starts interacting with them about Fire & Safety
  • Trainer to ask some questions on Fire & Safety to Participants
  • The trainer will start chatting and will discuss some of the Fire disasters which have happened and will also talk about the measure & precautions that should be taken to prevent it. In between, they will ask questions to the participants as well
  •         The trainer will talk about the following
  1.       Fire Disasters
  2.       Evacuation
  3.       Some of the common things which catch fire quickly and where there are risks involved
  4.       Will talk about the following

  • Definition &Chemistry of Fire
  • Classes of Fire
  • Blaze Stage of Fire
  • Type of Fire extinguishers & the applicable class ofFire §Advantages & Disadvantages of Fire Extinguishers
  • Early warning alarm systems & Response

Note: At this point will also talk about if they notice the guiding lights, smoke detectors, and the Exit gates whenever they into public places.

Whether they have noticedSprinklers & Fire detectors in the buildings


  •    He will also ask that ho many people know about the fire escape plan in their Premises and inform what was the precaution taken by the mgmt for fire & safety
  •    He will then introduce Fire Extinguishing products like a different type of extinguishers plus some local methods of extinguishing fire like Branches, water, mudpot etc.
  •    He will then inform that at what kind of fire–what kind ofextinguishershouldbe used. He will then ignite the fire and will show how to extinguish it. He will call Participants to conduct it.


Note: For training, we required one bottle of ABC type fire extinguisher & one bottle of Co2 type fire extinguisher. If we have to provide these bottles than its charge will be extra.