Fire Safety Tips Every Industry Must Practice

For a major fire break out, not necessarily some serious cause has to be behind it, even a small cigarette butt can gut the whole place down if there are loopholes or no fire safety measures at all.


Majority of the fire explosion in the workplace happen simply due to human error and negligence. Lack of following safety procedures, ignoring the faults, carelessness, postponing making necessary changes, etc. are the reasons for substantial damage of infrastructure, resources, and finance, including the worst, loss of human lives. Therefore, the following are some of the safety tips that every industry must strictly adhere to.

  1. Practice good housekeeping. Get rid of waste and clutter as they are good sources of fuel for a fire.
  2. Use and store chemicals & flammable items cautiously. Read the label and follow the instructions.
  3. Discard fire hazards like oily rags and flammable chemicals without fail, as per the norms.
  4. Properly maintain and run regular checkups of your machines and electricals to prevent overheating and friction sparks.
  5. Provide full accessibility to electrical control panels, sprinklers, firefighting equipment, or emergency exits.
  6. Take immediate action to repair or replace any faults in your equipment or electricals.
  7. Observe “no smoking” and place other safety signs as and where required.
  8. Know the location of fire fighting equipment and carry out fire drills to train your employees how to use it rightly and escape safely during crises.
  9. Be prepared in the event of an emergency. Distribute emergency phone numbers and other details and instructions to everyone at your workplace to make them aware of what to do when a fire breaks out.
  10. Make sure your employees have the appropriate protective equipment for handling hazardous materials.

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